How Zerona Works

How Zerona Reduces Fat and Inches

The Zerona laser (also known as “laser lipo”) works by creating a small, temporary pore in your fat storing cells.

The laser then liquefies stubborn fat trapped in the cell, which seeps out and is absorbed by the lymphatic system and processed by the liver.

The cell is not injured or damaged in any way and will continue with its normal functions, such as producing essential hormones.

There are no needles, incisions, bruising, burning, heat sensations, or down-time. All you have to do is lay back and relax and let the laser do its work.

When you can expect to see results

Every body detoxifies and processes fat differently. Some patients will see changes after one or two sessions, others won’t notice significant results until one week after the final appointment.

Why one week after the last session? The body will continue to metabolize and eliminate fat for up to one week following the last treatment.

How Vibrant Health Center maximizes your results

Since the laser works with your body’s detoxification pathways, it’s important these pathways are primed, nurtured, and supported during your Zerona process.

At Vibrant Health Center we specialize in holistic detoxification.

Our Laser Body Contouring/Laser Lipo packages include a full body assessment screening, tailored nutritional support, infrared sauna sessions, lymphatic drainage therapy, MindFit training (to help end cravings and promote positive self talk), and lifestyle coaching to ensure positive results and long-term health.

Find out if Zerona Body Contouring/Laser Lipo is right for you.

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