Success Stories

“If you are thinking about seeing Dr. Marisa Mikals for your chiropractic or holistic health needs, I would give you a “thumbs up”! Her services are top notch! I felt like a million bucks when I left her office. She is very personable and maintains a high degree of integrity with her patients.” – HC

“Dr. Mikals has helped me overcome several health issues. My body is self restoring itself. I went through several protocols using the Body Restoration Technique (BRT) and Supplementation. I suffered from the following health issues: 1) Continuous Heavy Menstrual for 1 year, 2) Thyroid Issues 3) Adrenal Issues 4) High Blood Pressure 5) Diabetes 6) Over Weight and not able to loose weight & 7) Pressure in my lower back My Current condition is NOW the following: My Menstrual Cycle is regular and normalized My Adrenals are no longer stressed My Thyroid is now normalizing my Metabolism I know longer take my Diabetic Medications since my blood sugars are normalized. I have lost 54 pounds within the last 1 1/2 years, since my body is restoring itself. I no longer have back issues, since I was adjusted I have recommended several friends to Dr. Mikals. She gives you a alternative perspective from your primary care physician without the need to take medications with side effects.” – WC

“Dr. Mikals works wonders! I first starting going to Dr. Mikals for my back and neck pain from playing tennis. She told me about the other services she provides and got me interested. June of 2007 I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis which effected my small and large intestines. I was hospitalized for 4 days and was in so much pain that I was on a morphine drip that I could push to get another dose every 8 minutes. Yes, it was that BAD!! Since then I have been going to Dr. Mikals to heal my digestive system which I’ve been told is the 1st thing that develops as a baby in the womb and it the most important part of the body for the rest of your body to be healthy. I am so happy to say that I have not had another Diverticulitis attack and feel so much better. I owe a lot to Dr. Mikals for all that she has done for me. I’ve been on supplements that have worked wonders without the side effects that medicine can cause. She really does work wonders!!” – KA

“Healing from the inside out Dr. Mikals takes the time to look at your entire health picture by first doing a work up of your internal organ functioning. This is very telling and explains alot of the symptoms I was feeling – tired, achy and every bit of my age of 46! After a program of some homeopathic remedies, I was feeling better in no time. Dr. Mikals is a very kind and compassionate healer, very passionate about making sure her patients get the very best care!” – SZ

“I absolutely love Dr Mikals. She cares about both chiropractic and holistic health care, she doesn’t rush you and she really listens to give you the best and long lasting results. You won’t be disappointed with her service.” – NH

“The Vibrant health Center has the friendliest staff and I just love Dr.Mikals. This is a place where you feel special and know that they really care about you.” – SW

“I had been feeling a bit off lately. I would eat breakfast and by 10am I would feel like I was ready to pass out. I went to my regular doctor and she couldn’t tell me what was going on. My blood sugar readings all came back good. I went to see Dr. Mikals after going to another natural health center is Atlanta for a checkup. I would have had to come out of pocked over 1k for the one in Atlanta. Dr. Mikals ran all her tests on me and gave me her recommendations and within the first week I felt a massive change. I believe in natural medicines that enable the body to heal itself. Due to my results, I will always trust what Dr. Mikals says.” – RF

“Dr. Mikals is extremely professional and attentive to her patients needs. I’ve been afraid to go to chiropractors in the past, but Dr. Mikals completely takes away all inhibitions you may have.” – AS