Dr. Marisa Mikals—Founder of Vibrant Health Center

MarisaDr. Marisa Mikals is a 2001 Life University graduate. She has known she wanted to be a doctor since the age of four. Dr. Mikals began seeing a chiropractor in seventh grade due to hip pain from dancing numerous hours a week.

She attended high school at Douglas Anderson Performing Arts for dance and continued to receive chiropractic care to keep her body in the proper alignment for maximum performance. Dr. Mikals chose chiropractic as her profession so she could help others as she had been helped.

While attending Life University, Dr. Mikals was one of only two students in her quarter chosen to serve on the Academic Review Committee. Dr. Mikals also spent time attending after school adjusting clubs to broaden her scope of techniques.

She utilizes several techniques in practice including Full Spine Diversified, Extremity Adjusting, Thompson, and Activator and adapts them to the patient’s individual needs.

Through her continuing education studies, Dr. Mikals discovered a deep passion for holistic healing and has become a certified Bio Energetic Doctor. She is certified in several modalities which allow her to meet her patient’s health concerns with natural, non-pharmaceutical solutions including: the Body Restoration Technique, Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET), and Applied Kinesiology.

Immediately following her graduation, Dr. Mikals had the good fortune to work in several chiropractic offices over the years. She found there were certain aspects she loved about each practice, and aspects that she felt were missing.

It was through these experiences her vision for Vibrant Health Center was born. A relaxing, non-clinical setting where patients can come to renew their health and spirit.

Dr. Mikals understands true holistic health care means addressing the whole body—inside and out. Chiropractic, massage, natural skin care, physical therapy modalities, nutritional supplementation, health coaching, acupressure/puncture, laser body contouring, and detoxing are some of the services offered at this time.

Dr. Ana Villanueva, Licensed AcupuncturistDr. Ana , Licensed Acupuncturist, Vibrant Health Center

Ana M. Villanueva specializes in the practice of oriental medicine and acupuncture. Her studies of integrated medicine took place at East West College of Natural Medicine. She is nationally board certified, has a Diplomat of Acupuncture, and is licensed in multiple states. Ana has also held a license in aesthetics for over 13 years.

She has a passion for health and wellness and a vested interest in enabling her patients to achieve maximum capacity of quality of life and overall balance.

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on meridians (pathways) that run throughout the entire body and directly correlate to the organs, structural body and emotional body. In traditional Chinese medicine the body is treated as a whole on the three levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Acupuncture can help with a number of health ailments including: headaches, pain, fertility, female issues, addictions, weight loss, anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, Bell’s palsy, insomnia, smoking cessation, appetite control, and overall balance.

Patricia Taylor—Licensed Massage Therapist     Patricia

Patricia is passionate about healing through massage and has been in practice for over seven years.

Originally destined for international finance, Patricia’s career ambitions took an unexpected turn when she was introduced to the healing arts. As she learned about the body’s wisdom, she was drawn to the field of massage therapy. She graduated with her degree in occupational science in Massage Therapy from Centura College in Virginia.

Patricia was referred to Vibrant Health Center by a friend, and felt an immediate connection with the staff and their dedication to individualized healthcare. She loves working with clients and seeing the progressive healing that takes place within an integrative setting.

Patricia has a loyal following and specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, and lymphatic drainage massage.

When her healing hands aren’t busy at the center, she enjoys homeschooling her daughter Lylah.

Ruth Miller—Office Manager, Zerona® Technician   Ruth

Ruth has been a patient and advocate of chiropractic since the age of 12 when she broke her tailbone on a  slide.

She recalls:

“At the time I was in a lot of pain and could not sit or stand up straight. Chiropractic relieved my pain and I was back to being a teenager in a short amount of time.”

Inspired by her experience, Ruth went on to work for a chiropractor in high school and has relied on chiropractic care for her overall health and structural well-being ever since. It was even her first stop after giving birth to her daughter—as studies show overlapping cranial plates in babies can cause nursing difficulties.

Ruth is a living testament to the effectiveness of holistic medicine and supplements:

“Over the years I had developed debilitating migraines and found that it was due to a gluten intolerance. I have used supplements and holistic remedies to support and heal my digestive system. As well as balance my hormones.”

Originally from New Jersey, Ruth met Dr. Mikals as a patient when her and her family moved to Georgia eight years ago. A few years later, she was thrilled to be offered a new career as office manager at the center.

She is also our Zerona Laser Body Contouring technician.

Bruce Hudson—Patient Care Specialist  Bruce

Bruce is part of our front desk team, a student at Southern Polytechnic University, and probably the first person you’ll meet you when you walk through our doors.

His story is one of our favorites, because before starting at the center Bruce had never seen a chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, or had any experience related to holistic health care.

In his own words:

“When I first was told about the job at Vibrant Health Center, I only saw it as a chance to build my resume and get office experience before I graduate. What I didn’t know is this office would change me as a person. Vibrant has a drawing sense to it. It’s a warm atmosphere, and the doctors really take an interest in their patients. That’s what I love most about working here.”

Now an inspiring advocate of holistic living, Bruce enjoys getting to know our patients, hearing their stories, and being a part of their transformations.